Quick Answer: What Is Los In Medicine?

What does Los mean in gaming?

Line of sightLine of sight, sometimes written line-of-sight or abbreviated to LoS, is the visibility (that is, who can see what) on the playing field in wargames and some role-playing games (RPGs).

In some games, miniature figures are used to determine line of sight..

Is LOS a word?

LOS is a valid scrabble word.

What is Los number in SBI?

SBI Home Loan Status FAQ’s The application reference number is a unique number assigned to you when you apply for a loan.

What is loan origination process?

Loan origination is the process by which a borrower applies for a new loan, and a lender processes that application. Origination generally includes all the steps from taking a loan application up to disbursal of funds (or declining the application).

What does LOS stand for in medical terms?

Length Of StayLOS in Medical23LOSLength Of Stay + 3 variants Hotel, Health Care, Dentistry1LOsLearning Objectives Education, Objective, Teaching1LOSLength Of hospital Stay Surgery1LOSLength Of Service Management, HR, Oncology1LOSLine-of-sight Technology, Computing, Computer Security15 more rows

What does LOS stand for?

LOSAcronymDefinitionLOSLine(s) of SupplyLOSLaw Of the SeaLOSLine Of Sight (0-30 Miles)LOSLength of Stay48 more rows

What does LOS stand for driving?

Level of serviceLevel of service (LOS) is a qualitative measure used to relate the quality of motor vehicle traffic service. LOS is used to analyze roadways and intersections by categorizing traffic flow and assigning quality levels of traffic based on performance measure like vehicle speed, density, congestion, etc.

What does Las stand for in college?

LAS in College1LASLetters, Arts and Sciences + 1 variant University, Education, Science1LasLiberal Arts & Science Education, University, Science1LASLiberal Arts and Sciences + 1 variant Education, Technology, Science1LASLiberal Arts and Science Education, University, Science2 more rows

What is Las medical?

Locum Appointment for Service (LAS)

What does Los mean in banking?

mortgage loan origination systemThe mortgage loan origination system (LOS) is the most critical piece of technology for mortgage lenders. It is ubiquitous in the life of loan officers, processors, underwriters, closers, funders and other support staff responsible for originating and fulfilling loans.

What does Las mean in school?

LAS. Language Assessment Scale. English, School, Science.

What is LLMS in SBI?

SBI has implemented the risk-adjusted return on capital (RAROC) framework both at customer and portfolio level. … SBI also stabilised the LLMS (Loan Lifecycle Management System) platform, a web-based portal for assessing credit risk in loan proposals including internal credit rating exercise.

What is medical law and ethics?

Overview. Medical law and ethics considers the rights of patients and responsibilities of doctors with reference to complex moral debate: being legal does not necessarily make a decision or action ethical.

What does Los mean in the Martian?

Loss of Signalstands for Loss of Signal. In The Martian, when the Iris probe, the first attempt to send a resupply mission to Mark Watney, disintegrated after launch, the flight controllers’ in Houston reported “ ‘Loss of signal, Flight’ ‘LOS here too.